Other Work
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Needle felted frogs.jpg
Metalwork pendant finished.jpg
Bookbinding 1.JPG
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Mask finished.png
Shelf alteration after 3.jpg
Set classwork 2.JPG

This is an assortment of projects, including an example of jewelry I made, a dress I designed, patterned, and sewed, some small needle felted figures, a crochet scarf, a crochet shawl, and two crochet flowers.


These are a selection of projects from a jewelry and metals class, using an assortment of techniques


These books were all constructed during a bookbinding class using a variety of bookbinding techniques.


This mask was a class project and is based on an ancient Mayan deity, Chak Chel.


These are the final renderings from a class project. They are a selection of characters from Macbeth.


This shelf was a restoration and modification project. Some of the curved details (visible in the close up) were broken, and due to a shortage of glue artificial flower stems were used as supports for the fragile sections.


These are images from a class project designing a set for the play The Visit. The model is a 1/4" scale model of the Caplan Studio Theater.