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Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea
Costume design
Written by Julia Izumi
Directed by Francesca Montanile
UArts Spring 2022

Directed: Francesca Montanile

Assistant director: Emily Quinn

Stage manager: Cali Wagner

Assistant stage manager: Kai Scott

Set design: Nick Embree

Props head: Lindsey Silver

Assistant props: Amanda Carano

Lighting design: Kay Currier Graves

Assistant lighting design: Alex Dembner

Sound design: Liz Atkinson

Dramaturg: Ryan Cramer

Photos by Paola Nogueras

Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea was a 2022 production of the Brind School. The play is about The Little Mermaid, and the life and interpersonal relationships of Hans Christian Anderson. The characters occupy a variety of settings, with some being in the modern world, some being in a fairy tale, and all of them moving into the historical world of Hans Christian Anderson's life. One of the main characters is a rain cloud, and another is a talking cow.

The red and purple tunics, the sheer layer under the purple dress, and both of the pairs of cow ears were built for the show. I drafted all of the patterns for the builds and assisted in the build process.

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