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Hot Spot
Costume design
Written by Amir Gad
Directed by Erin Russo
UArts Fall 2021

Directed: Erin Russo

Assistant director: Cali Wagner

Written by Amir Gad

Stage manager: Lindsey Silver

Assistant stage manager: Ivory D'Francisca

Set design: Sarah Court

Props head: Phoenix Leigh

Assistant props: Allison Neiheiser

Lighting design: Calvin Anderson

Sound design: Christopher Colucci

Assistant sound design: Mike Devito

Projection design: Michael Long

Fight choreography: Alex Cordaro

Dramaturg: Bella Capelli

Photos by Paola Nogueras

Hot Spot was a 2021 production of the University of the Arts. It was a horror-comedy play that featured some gore and fake blood. The show stars four people, three of whom are friends from high school that have drifted apart. They get together and summon the ghost of a dead homecoming queen from the 90s. Below are some process photos of constructing the ghost's dress. I ripped the dress and sewed patches underneath. Then, I applied liquid latex to the patches to mimic the texture of the liquid latex pieces that would be on the actor's skin. Next I applied some red paint. Before performances fake blood and makeup were added to enhance the effect.

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