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Equinox 2019
Co-costume design with Lindsey Silver

Equinox is a yearly Brind School festival that is run by students. The plays are student written, produced, and designed. Equinox 2019 featured four plays. Each of the plays were different, and each created unique challenges.


Written by Eli Melmon

Directed by Joshua Davis Farner

Lighting: Nick Hatcher

Boxed: The Black Show

Written by Lulu Cornelious

Directed by Azariah Baker

Lighting: Dalton Whiting


Written by Briana Gause

Directed by Liberty Laferriere

Lighting: Colin Sass

Make Em' Cry, Uncle

Written by Dizzi DeLuca

Directed by Kelly Fleming

Lighting: Larry Barnes

Set design by Rachael Gran

Photos by Hannah Hobson

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